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    Hardcased lipos

    There’s a pair of new micro lipos on oople up for sale (not mine ) £54 posted for the pair is a decent price if anyone is interest
    however what are the hardcased options currently I can only find ip ones that have the holes for the esc plugs (big con in my view) however £34 each is a bit steep (my opinion)
    hobby king do a 1.6 hardcased for £11.36 but wires sticking out (con for me ) however I’ve ordered a set to see what there like
    so are there anymore out there ??
    years ago there was vampire lipos ,ip and lrp ones ( which the ones I had really lacked in performance, strange from lrp I know )


    thats them. I have a hobby king one, it'll be fine i think


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