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    BRCA Covid 19 News

    The latest update from the BRCA with regards to Covid 19 is as follows:

    "The below refers to the announcement of yesterday by the Prime Minister of England, the news in it is hence about what he said and who it refers to. If you are not in England this does not apply to you.

    The recent changes to the lockdown rules and regulations of yesterday evening have caused a flurry of questions.

    Firstly - Yes this does mean that you can go bashing, taking a RC Car to some local waste ground, tarmac area or similar and having a bit of fun is now perfectly OK - just don't go to a track (see below as to why) and make sure you're on your own or only with somebody from the same household.

    Secondly - The current situation for the sport has not yet changed, We will advise you when it does.

    Re Sundays Prime Ministers Briefing where some sporting activities were mentioned.

    As at today (Monday) the Government has not sent out the detail so it can be clearly identified what sporting activities can commence.

    However they have given an indication (the comment re golf, tennis, fishing etc) and we do have some idea on the restrictions, they appear to be:-
    • A solo activity or with members of the same household.
    • When the activity is being conducted social distancing must be maintained.
    • There must not be cross handling of equipment.

    It is expected that further details will be sent out on Wednesday - this may then take a day or so to be disseminated to us and then to you.

    It is thought that some areas of motorsport may be possible (testing and track-days are apparently being planned). IF this is the case then some (as they'll need to be capable of practicing the social distancing requirements) of our outdoor venues may be able to open for practice sessions.

    It would be prudent for clubs, with outdoor venues, to spend some time to think this through and work out what they can do - IF - this is a path that's available to us - AND - they want to do it.
    It is not acceptable for members to apply pressure on clubs to open. Do keep in touch with your club, offer to help when it's needed, work with the club committee but respect what decisions are made, the number one requirement is everybody's safety that consideration outweighs everything else.

    Anything further than the above would be purely speculation at this stage.

    When we receive more detail we will circulate it to all.

    Please note Scotland, Ireland and Wales all have different rules, we are following government guidance, but your country may differ.

    Best regards,
    BRCA Exec"

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    Latest from the BRCA:

    "Stay safe everyone, soon we will be able to get back on track.

    “latest BRCA anouncment. please note comments will be deleted. We do not wish to debate goverment policy. if you need to discuss with us, please use
    This release is guidance for clubs, we have shared so our members know what challenges clubs are facing. Emails have been circulated.

    BRCA Covid 19 News

    These changes are currently applicable to England Only, the differing lockdown regulations for Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland require that they will have to be dealt with separately.

    We have now received the details, following the announcement on Sunday, reference the slight loosening of the lockdown regulations.

    The changes will allow some scope for activities to slightly increase beyond 'Bashing' (away from a Track) as previously clarified as being now OK.

    BUT - There is No Scope for any Competitive events currently.

    What follows can hence only be applied to Practice and Social Distancing MUST be maintained.

    The Venue's referred to below are Outdoors Only.

    It is now possible for Outdoor Venue's to open but 'Gatherings' are still limited, by Law, to 2 people (unless part of the same Household) and Social Distancing MUST be maintained at All times.

    The venue must be capable of meeting the hygiene requirements so the provision of hand sanitizer and cleaning materials for any gates and similar surfaces that people may come into contact with will need to be available (or MUST be brought by the hirer)

    Any Indoor facilities at said venue's - with the exception of a toilet - should be kept Closed.

    Full Details are available by following the links at the end of this article.


    The Association believes that it May be possible for Some of our Clubs to offer individual practice sessions/days to their club members, it is probably only practical for those venues where the members have the individual ability to access the site unassisted.

    We would Recommend the below
    (but appreciate that changes to this may be required to suit the venue - we are Happy to Check clubs planned processes with them)

    - The sessions Must be pre-arranged, Clubs will need to Know who's on site at any time and payment should be remote.

    - Sessions should be for no more than 2 people or for a single household.

    - It is Understood that this will only be possible and/or desirable for Some Clubs to do.

    - It is Not Acceptable for members to try and apply pressure on clubs to open.
    - Do keep it touch with your club, offer to help when it's needed, work with the club committee but Respect what decisions are made, the number one requirement is everybody's safety that consideration outweighs everything else.

    All of the above and any other recent developments will be reflected on the Associations Website Information within the next day or so.

    For Reference please refer to these Two documents:-…/guidance-for-providers-of-outdoor-faci…


    Forums are better than Facebook groups


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