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8 Important Things About Lingerie Every Woman Should Know

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    8 Important Things About Lingerie Every Woman Should Know

    Underwear care plays an important role in women’s health, but perhaps most of us still don’t know much about it. For example, did you know that some fabrics are healthier than others or wear underwear? These issues, which may not be much talked about, play an important role in your health and can even affect your mood. In this article, we will share some tips that every woman should know about underwear.

    . Choose natural fibers and preferably yarn

    You may have heard it before, but it’s worth repeating: Despite the fancy and casual styles of underwear, yarn is the best fit for them. According to Dr. Alice Clay-Jones, this part of the female body is very sensitive and needs to be well taken care of.

    The simplest and softest material for your skin, which is both good absorbent and passes well through the air, is yarn. “Because yarn has a good absorption capacity, it helps with your health by absorbing moisture,” says Dr. Kelly-Jones.

    Synthetic fibers like nylon and spandex will not allow your body to breathe. Instead, they keep the environment prone to infection by keeping heat and moisture in place.

    Every day, even more than once, change your underwear

    Some doctors believe that if you do not sweat too much, you may be able to wear a lingerie for two days. But Dr. Kelly-Jones recommends that if you feel uncomfortable with the accumulation of moisture and discharge, you may need to change your underwear more than once a day.

    “The discharge annoys many of my patients and makes them always use daily pads,” she says. In my opinion, this solution is not healthy because these pads cause skin tenderness and itching. Cotton underwear solves this problem and you can change it more than once a day. “

    Sleep at night without underwear to remove moisture

    There is a disagreement over not wearing underwear at night. For people with a healthy body, both are good. But for people who are infected, getting naked can be very helpful.

    If you fall asleep without exposing your limbs to the air, you will prevent the accumulation of moisture and create an environment conducive to bacteria. “I believe your genitals should be exposed to the air, like other organs in your body,” says Dr. Kelly-Jones. If you do not like to sleep naked at night, Dr. Kelly-Jones recommends wearing a loose pajamas. Of course, keep in mind that if you use any other type of underwear instead of underwear, such as loose pajamas, you should also wash them daily.

    Underwear with attractive cover is the best option for exercise

    Wearing or not wearing underwear is a personal preference when exercising. If you are wearing shorts with an absorbent layer, you do not need to wear underwear.

    Wearing a layer between your body and the fibers makes both a more comfortable feel and a healthier alternative to sweat absorption. Usually this layer can be made of smooth and lightweight advanced polyester.

    But Dr. Kelly-Jones suggests that if you want to wear underwear, it must be perfectly sized and not cause wear and tear.

    Wash your underwear with anti-allergic soap

    You should take care of your underwear more than regular clothes because they have been in contact with the most sensitive part of your skin for a long time. Dr. Clay-Jones recommends using antiperspirant soaps to wash them, because “anything like soap or any chemicals in your body can cause inflammation, itching or allergic reactions.”
    The cleanest way to wash your underwear
    Put the underwear in the dryer at low temperature for 5 minutes after washing

    Doctors recommend placing your underwear in the dryer for 5 minutes or ironing them after washing. Because these actions can kill the bacteria that have been added during the wash. Drying or ironing heat is enough to kill these bacteria from underwear.
    Is any member of your family or neighbor sick? Don’t wash your underwear with their clothes in the washing machine

    There are enough bacteria in your washing machine. You do not need to increase their number.
    If you have bacterial vaginitis, do not contaminate your underwear with your clean underwear or pants

    This is especially true for people who wash their clothes less often. Wash your underwear separately to reduce bacterial contamination and prevent contamination of other clothes.
    Don’t wash your underwear with other clothes that are contaminated with other body fluids

    In hospital settings, clothes that have contaminants from different sources (such as vomiting, blood, urine, etc.) must be washed separately. The same should be done with underwear, especially if someone from your family works in the hospital. If there are any other contaminants, such as blood or blood, try to remove them from the clothes as much as possible and keep them out of your underwear.

    Tip: Are you concerned about cleaning your washing machine? To clean the washing machine, rinse the machine once with warm water and bleach (pour about 1.5 cups of bleach into the machine). This way, you disinfect it before using the washing machine.

    Discard your underwear every year

    It may not seem like you need to do this, with all the care and care.

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