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BRCA Micro Section update

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    BRCA Micro Section update

    An update on the BRCA Micro Section below. It gets a little complicated - if you have any questions at all please reply below - thanks.

    The BRCA Micro Section went into hiatus in 2015.

    As of 2018, after 3 years in hiatus, the BRCA took the decision to disband the BRCA Micro Section and dissolve the committee. As a result of this the BRCA created what is referred to as "Club Sport" (

    Club Sport is basically an area under the BRCA banner for non BRCA affiliated RC sections to have a presence whereby they can utilise the BRCA's membership for promotion of their sections - sections are then allowed to propose to the BRCA at an AGM that they become BRCA recognised (and affiliated) if voted in at the AGM. Note that sections within the Club Sport area cannot use "BRCA" in their name until such time as they are recognised and affiliated.

    To that end we have asked the BRCA to add a new section to the Club Sport area to cater for the micro RC scene, and aside from that have formed a Committee structure that will work towards becoming recognised as the BRCA Micro Section once again, in October 2021:
    • Cris Oxley - Chairman
    • Phil Sleigh - Secretary
    • Andy Jones - Entries Officer/Treasurer
    • Mat North - Health & Safety Officer
    Because we find ourselves in a world where we are still deeply in a Covid-19 pandemic we are unable to consider arranging any events for 2020. However when it is safe to do so we will look at organising some one day events in 2021, around the 10th touring car/8th off-road/10th off-road calendars, to generate interest in a micro national championship again.

    To cut a long story short:
    • There cannot be a "BRCA Micro Section" officially until at least the October 2021 AGM.
      • Therefore the earliest we can run a BRCA Micro National Championship is with round 1 starting the week after the October 2021 AGM - this would be the plan.
    • 2020 is a write off for many reasons - social distancing means we cant fit 80 people into a building safely; if there is a resurgence in Covid-19 it will likely be around the winter months etc.
    • Assuming that things go back to some sort of "normal" then we will see micro RC events in 2021 to the high standards that you would expect from the committee.
    • In the meantime we will be working hard to promote micro RC racing at club level, to generate interest and numbers ready for when it is safe to organise indoor RC events for large groups of people.
    We fully respect and understand the decision that the BRCA made to disband the previous BRCA Micro Section and Committee, and will work hard towards ensuring that the BRCA Executive Committee have no reason not to vote a new BRCA Micro Section in as an official BRCA section at the 2021 AGM.

    It goes without saying that the continued support we see from people, old names and newcomers to the scene, motivates us to carry on pushing towards next year.

    Any updates or news will be posted here and across Facebook, but in the mean time please dont hesitate to contact me if you need too.


    Forums are better than Facebook groups

    In addition, the committee structure in the post above is a basic skeleton committee that will allow us to make solid progress towards our October 2021 goal.
    As things ramp up towards an actual National Championship Series we will be asking for support once again from our fellow racers to fill various additional roles within the committee and on the day.

    Examples range from Public Relations Officer, Referees, Track Liaison Officer(s), Driver Representative(s), Time Keeper (if there is a God, please let him get Jamie Anderson to say yes when I grovel on my knees and ask him to come back to the Committee as our time keeper!!!) etc.

    We will be asking for help and volunteers next year, no doubt!

    Forums are better than Facebook groups



      Put me down for a job, (not time keeper) might not be great at whatever you want me to do but i will give it a go, anything to help get Micros racing again.




        Fantastic. Great to have a clear plan for how we can get back racing again and work towards a national series.


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